It was somewhere towards the end of 2013 that 5 passionate networkers with full of energy, talent and a vision decided to give an identity to their 70+ years of network marketing experience on a single platform. And that's how on 20th of February 2016, RLC Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. was established in front of 150 passionate leaders to set the light of a new beginning and create waves in the industry. This was a remarkable beginning to change everyone's lives and give back to our communities by contributing to growth of per capita Income of India.

We empower, energise and educate the team to come up with their maximum effectiveness and produce results that even they never thought of. We pick up people from all the categories, without looking for education, experience and expertise but only will power to move ahead.

We started our operation with 3 products in our basket and by the 25th week closing we had more than 20 products. Over these development phases, we maintained high standard of quality for products and value for money for our clients. Today we are in a strong position to create some of the best self-dependant and energetic leaders who have the potential to create a wave in the market.

We make our decisions keeping in mind our ethics, values and principles of business and customer satisfaction. Today when we are at 36th week closing, we are proud to introduce our next range of products like Health Care, Lifestyle, Body Care and Personal Care products and increasing the number to more than 50 various products. This is just a beginning and sky is the limit for our dreams.

With a vision to increase the awareness among Indian population on Direct Selling and Network Marketing, a passion to connect with "Make in India" products in our online business portal, we would like to declare ourselves that we will emerge as one of the top players in Indian Direct Selling Industry by 2025.

Make in India', 'Skill India' and 'Digital India' revolution. That's why we are known as a team who believes in "SUCCESS BEYOND IMAGINATION